How U Doin’?!? The Wendy Williams Experience on FOX TV

If you are a NYC Wendy Williams fan like I am, then you jumped on the chance to be part of a live taping of her new show. All I can say is, GREAT JOB!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s what went down at the July 14th NYC taping:

Wendy looked fab in a classy royal purple wrap dress (maybe DVF, not sure) and cheetah print Louboutin heels. Hair, makeup, all fabulous! The set: soft and pink, of course! Fox’s production team was warm and fun, doing Soul Train lines with the audience and giveaways as we awaited the Queen of All Media to come out. The segments and guest interviews were short but it felt just like her radio show: down-to-earth, warm and funny. Actor James Denton (Desperate Housewives) and Rihanna’s hair stylist (who did an interesting segment on short wigs) were both guests along with Wendy’s traditional “Advice Hour” segment. Wendy was candid, funny and engaging throughout the whole show, and even chatted with audience members. At the end of the taping, co-host Charlemagne and hubby/manager Kevin Hunter came through to show their support. Fun was had by all:-) The only disappoint was that it was all too short, feeling like the end of a fun girls’ night out.  Following a similar format of her syndicated radio show, The Wendy Williams TV Show is destined to be a hit with loyal fans. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Ms. Wendy!

Check out a clip of a taping from another show. Currently still looking for public clips of the July 14th NYC segment.


5 responses to “How U Doin’?!? The Wendy Williams Experience on FOX TV

  1. I came across (2) tapings of the show this week and I must say that I liked it! Its Wendy at her best!

  2. I would like to know where is the shoe store in Soho that the 2 brothers were promoting last week. I would like to buy a pair. Thank anyone that can give me the information.

  3. Yes, I am the person who gave Wendy really was not anticipating the Wendy Williams TV show. I’m the one who said she could not imagine Wendy on TV every day because it would be just too much. I felt that certain audiences would not be interested in seeing WENDY every day. I must say, that being a women of a certain age (65), I find myself tuning in to the Wendy Williams show, every day. To date, the only show I have missed is the Thursday with her mother, father and brother (iI think it was her birday bash). All I have to day is, GOOD JOB WENDY. So far it is keeping my attention.


  4. stephanie Simmons

    I have watched the show from day one and you go Girl You are great , I love the show the topics and the celebs you have on I hope everyone is watching cause I live in Detroit and I am already addicted to your show.. I was so pissed I miss the show with Regina because Kilpatrick went to Jail they wasted the hole hour on him and i was missing your show…. Damn Kilpatrick well much love

  5. stephanie Simmons

    Pudding: it was

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